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    Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tax Refunds may be claimed by completing and submitting the appropriate form below, along with supporting documentation such as copies of invoices and other relevant documents. Only the person who paid the tax is eligible for a refund.

Note that refund applications may be subject to future audit verification.

Time Limits for Claiming a refund

Refunds must be claimed within four years from the date of overpayment.

Refund Application Forms


Submit Refund Claims/Contact Us

Write: Ministry of Finance  Telephone: Toll Free  1-800-667-6102
  Revenue Division    Regina       306-787-6645
  PO Box 200     
  Regina, SK  S4P 2Z6   Email: 
In-Person:  Ministry of Finance  Fax:  306-787-9644 
  Revenue Division    
  2350 Albert Street     
  Regina, SK  S4P 4A6      





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