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      Sunday, February 18, 2018

It's easy for businesses to file tax returns.  There are three levels of service to choose from.

Level 1

If your business has not registered for services offered through SETS, you can still file your return electronically. A unique E-file code will be printed at the top of each tax return you receive. Using the E-file Code, you may file your return through the Internet free of charge. If there is an amount owing, payment can be made by Internet banking, wire transfer, or cheque.

There is no registration required for Level 1 service. 

Level 2

You may apply for a unique User ID and Password. In addition to filing returns, level 2 service enables you to view your tax account information online.

CLICK HERE for Level 2 Registration

Level 3

In addition to filing returns and viewing tax account information online, this level of service enables you to make payments and authorize your accountant to file on your behalf. Application forms for level 3 service must be mailed or faxed.

 CLICK HERE for Level 3 Registration (E-1, E-2)

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