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      Sunday, February 18, 2018

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To report Fuel Tax payable on monthly returns and record payments for all fuel tax types and fuel products. The Fuel Tax Return must be filed through the Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Services (SETS).

To capture the exempt sales information from the individual bulk dealers for the Automated Up Front Exemption system and to start refund
Can also be filled in and submitted online using Electronic Tax Services
To summarize a claim for tax paid on propane sold tax-exempt by a licensed vendor
To list and total tax paid propane sales and to summarize non-metered propane sales
To record metered propane sales and to summarize non-metered propane sales
To summarize propane sold or delivered to vendors by a propane distributor
To allow bulk fuel dealers to report the accidental blending or clear (tax-paid) fuel with marked (tax-free) fuel and thereby receive a tax credit or refund of tax paid on the clear portion
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Information about fuel tax programs and about the taxes imposed on persons importing fuel into the province, exporting fuel, or purchasing fuel in Saskatchewan for sale or for their own use or consumption.

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